Mail Use Policy

Electronic Mail

All faculty, staff, students, and retirees are permitted to have email accounts.  Spouses of faculty, staff, students, and retiree spouses can also have an account.  All email services are terminated at the end of employment for faculty and staff, and student accounts are deleted upon withdrawal or graduation.

The Universityís electronic mail system is intended primarily for University business use. Although some personal use is permitted, all electronic mail sent or received through the Universityís system is subject to inspection at the Universityís discretion.

Sending electronic mail that is abusive or threatens an individualís safety is unacceptable behavior. The use of electronic mail for sexual, racial, ethnic, religious, or other harassment is forbidden. Threats to personal safety should be reported to the Sewanee Police. Examples of prohibited electronic mail use include, but are not limited to: flooding a userís mailbox with automatically generated mail, sending mail that is designed to interfere with proper mail delivery or access, sending mail, such as chain letters that interfere with proper mail delivery or access.

Any unauthorized attempt by a user to gain access to another personís mail files or to send mail under anotherís name is prohibited.