Every student is issued a long distance authorization code each year. An e-mail notification is provided for each student that explains the program as well as providing a personal portal where students may daily check their long distance expenditures.

The University is offering long distance service to students through the University telephone system and its long distance carrier-AT&T. We offer very affordable/competitive rates, and very reliable service--no busy signal. It is easy to activate your long distance service as well as not being bothered with having to place a deposit or a required credit application.

Domestic Rate Plan:

TIGER Long Distance Using An Authorization Code (With or without a credit limit)

What are some of the advantages of using a TIGER Long Distance Authorization Code?

  • 8 cents a minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Domestic U.S., Hawaii, and Alaska calls only.
  • ·MONTHLY CREDIT LIMIT (For example, if you want to limit your calling to only $50.00 per month, this can be handled by setting up a credit limit on your account). Four easy ways to pay for long distance charges: o Home bank checking account o Local Sewanee checking account o MasterCard or Visa. o University Student Account

Are there any hidden fees?

No hidden fees at all. No maintenance fees, account fees, connection fees, or monthly fees. Calls are rounded to one-minute increments.

International Rate Plan: (Click link for latest rates)

Four easy ways to pay for long distance charges:

  • Home bank checking account
  • Local Sewanee checking account
  • MasterCard or Visa.
  • Student UOS account

The University reserves the right to withhold grades, and/or long distance service, or take other necessary measures to collect past due bills. If the bill detail is misplaced, it is the student's responsibility to contact the TTIS so an additional copy may be sent.

Please direct any question to the address below:

  • Jeanne Jansenius
  • Director of Telecommunications & Technology Infrastructure Services
  • The University of the South
  • Sewanee, TN 37383-1000 or call (931) 598-1095