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Avoid connecting multiple power strips to a single outlet in your office or dorm.
Due to the electrical wiring in some of our old buildings, one should consider calling PPS before adding appliances to your office or calling Residential Life before adding appliances to dorm rooms.
Most common appliances that may overload our electrical outlets in our buildings:
1. Coffee maker
2. Window air conditioner units
3. Space heaters
4. Refrigerators
5. Microwaves
What to do if you experience a power outage:
If you experience power loss due to a tripped breaker you should contact PPS. Do not attempt to reset the breaker. One of our senior electricians should determine what caused the breaker to trip before resetting.
There is only one method allowed for hanging posters or pictures in dorm rooms and that is by using 3M hanging putty which is provided by Residential Life.
Painting or remodeling of your dorm room is not allowed, however you may arrange the furniture to accommodate your needs during your time at Sewanee.
Do not remove or cut the window screens

For your safety do not remove the smoke detectors. All of our dorms and buildings are equipped with state of the art heat sensing and smoke detection devices. Removal of a smoke detector will cause an alarm to be triggered.
Smoking is not allowed in any of our dorms or buildings on campus.
Most of our dorms and buildings are equipped with access control. This feature allows the police department and PPS to monitor who enters these buildings, and provides security for our dorms by allowing us to pre-schedule locking times and by alerting us when the door has been left open.
If your key card is lost or stolen, please alert Residential Life as soon as possible. The lost card will be deleted from the system and a new one issued.

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